Individual Tax Services

Save Yourself a Headache. Hire a Tax Professional. 

At SRG Advisors, our goal is to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the available deductions, incentives, and tax credits. We will recommend strategies that will minimize your tax liability both now and in the future. Trusting one of our expert CPAs to prepare your taxes will help you both save money and ensure that you’re complying with all necessary tax laws. Even if you’re an easy W2, you’d be surprised how complicated filings can become on the state level. 

Why Use SRG Advisors? 

SRG Advisors will provide outstanding value for your tax preparation needs: 

  • Error-free filings: You can rest assured that your tax filings will be error-free. Our tax team provides itself on our accurate filings and our ability to seek out and correct any missed opportunities that your filing might have.
  • Timely filings: Deadlines are everything in tax preparation. We’ll provide you with a clear roadmap to meet all the necessary deadlines so your return is filed in a timely fashion. 
  • Prior return reviews: We’ll take the time to review your most recent return to check for any mistakes and/or if any opportunities to save money were missed. 
  • Additional consultations: You’ll never have to  feel like you’re figuring out complex tax regulations alone. Our team will be here to guide you throughout the filing process.