August 9th, 2021 Posted in Budget, Accounting

NYC UBT Tax Legal Loophole

Calling all real estate salespeople!
Are you paying NYC Unincorporated Business Tax? You might not have to, and your accountant might not know this.
For tax years beginning after January 1996, there are certain rules that would exempt individuals acting as real estate salespeople or associate brokers from paying the UBT. Individuals meeting these safe-harbor requirements are classified as employees, not independent contractors. This has large tax ramifications; you could have been saving that 4% that you have been paying on top of NYC regular income tax. Call us at 201-525-1222 to discuss and see if you are exempt from this deadly double taxation. We’ll review your return at no cost and either you can go teach your accountant something new, or you can hire SRG and we’ll help you get your rightfully earned refund now and in the future.

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There are many significant and complex tax deductions and credits for businesses in all industries. However, many businesses and their accountants are unaware of these savings and the tax returns are never given appropriate attention or a second look. Contact SRG Advisors today to have a highly trained and dedicated member of our team review your returns!!!